Another year has come and gone with the 20th Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament. Very successful again and we would like to thank all of our sponsors and players. Please take a look at the sponsor board picture and support these companies because without them our tournament would not raise the funds this year of over $12,000.00. So since 1999 we have raised over $246,000.00. Way to go Gators!

Winners of this years tournament:

1st place team-54
Rob Dykowski
John Brooks
Rob Washburn
Ryan Kummer

2nd place team-55
Dave Ramshaw
Rick Gaines
Glen Erdorsy
Denny Herrero

3rd place team-56
Paul Herring
Ryan Kelly
Jason Hoffman
Clayton Gardner




Last place team-69
Herbie Felber
Paula Felber
Penny Blare
Steve Blare

Closet to pin
#3 Jeremy Smyth
#6 Ryan Kunley
#13 Bob Bowden
#16 Joe Deveaux

Thanks again to everyone. Players Sponsors and the Tournament Committee and volunteers. Without a group effort it just wouldn’t be successful. Go Gators!!!

See photos on our Facebook Page.