The Gator Club of Volusia County is proud to continue its tradition of helping Volusia County High School students attend the University of Florida by sponsoring them through the Club Scholarship Fund. We are also supporting the Florida Opportunity Scholarship Program:

uffirstgenThe First Generation Student Organization (FGSO) exists to foster a diverse community amongst students who are first in their families to attend college by providing opportunities to strengthen self-awareness, strive for academic excellence, and develop leadership skills while giving back to the UF and global communities.

To support and grow this fund to continue these scholarships, we welcome a “Pledge per Point” from Gators interested in helping this cause.

In 2015 the Gators scored 325 points and we raised $1,170.00 towards our Scholarship Fund. Way to go Gators!

Participants in this program will be entered into a special drawing. You will receive 1 ticket for every $.05 pledged, for example, pledge $.25 and get 5 raffle tickets. You will receive the raffle tickets at the end of the season after paying for your pledge, the drawing will be held during the February meeting.

The 1st ticket drawn will receive a cash prize equal to 10% of the total money collected.

The 2nd ticket drawn will receive a gift to be named at a later date.

This pledge would be multiplied by every point the Gators score during their regularly scheduled season and SEC Championship Game-Bowl game included. Here is an example of the possible total pledge based on a 400-point total score:

Pledge per point Total if 400 Points
$.05 $20.00
$.10 $40.00
$.25 $100.00
$1.00 $400.00


This donation is tax deductible and collected at the end of the football season.

To participate, simply fill out this form and return or email your pledge information to: Gary Morgan at: or Rob Horner at:

For more information about our scholarship program, please see our website at:

2016 Pledge Per Point signup form (PDF)